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5 Ways to Love Your Job

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

I am still astonished by this statistic from a Gallup organization study of millions of American workers: 70% are either not engaged or actively disengaged with their work. When I reflect on my decades in the workforce, I recall times when I disengaged. I felt disconnected from meaning and purpose, under-appreciated, misunderstood, dismayed, and looking for a place to belong. How sad to think a whopping 70% of the workforce is feeling that way right now.

The feeling of emptiness was more grueling than the work. Sure, there were circumstances beyond my control. I could blame this situation or that person for causing my disenchantment, and to some degree, blame was valid. If they would only do this, then I would be happy. In hindsight, though, I see my own blind spots when an unconscious belief based on God-only-knows spooned my disengagement. The times I thought it was beyond my control because my perspective was hooked on some foregone conclusion, locked on a point-of-view that didn’t serve me, or my boss.

While I’m certain I have more blind spots lurking, I am pleased to report that I am now better equipped to handle my own dissatisfaction. I have learned that happiness comes from the inside out. Today, I take much more control over my state of being and I’d like to share a few techniques that may help you do the same. If you’re feeling like the job you’re in today is missing the mark and you’re waiting for that certain something to change so you can finally be happy, try these tips while you wait:

1) Take Responsibility for Your Electromagnetic Field

Our hearts emit an electromagnetic field that changes with our emotions. We pick up emotions of others, and they pick up ours when our electromagnetic fields engage. The magnetic field produced by the heart is 5,000 times greater than the field generated by the brain. It can be detected up to ten feet beyond the physical body in all directions. Your electromagnetic field, just like radio-waves, is sending out your emotional signal. What are you emitting?

2) Be the Observer

Remember when Michelle Obama said, “we go high”? Well, go even higher. Go as high as the deep blue sky and from way up there, you will be able to look down on your thoughts as clouds. They come and they go. On some days there’s an endless march of thoughts that overwhelm the blue and keep you gray and under pressure. But are all those thoughts necessary or worthwhile? Observe your thoughts so you can repeat the good ones and let go of the ones that don’t serve you. Let your emotions be your guide by focusing on what feels good.

3) Declare Your Purpose

“I’m here to create work that makes an impact.” “I’m here to provide peace-of-mind to our customers.” “I’m here to learn from Janet or mentor Paul.” If meaning and purpose are missing in your workplace, find it yourself. Who do you want to serve? What contribution do you want to make to humanity, to the planet, to your field of endeavor, to your family? Privately declare it or share it with the world, but either way, take a stand for what is important to you.

4) Allow Yourself to Dream

“Fake it til you make it” doesn’t go far enough. Allow yourself to play with the what-ifs that lead to a brighter day. Go as far as letting yourself pretend. Imagine how good it can get. Remember, if you can’t see it, you can’t create it. Put that frontal cortex to work. Play with releasing all limitations. Ask yourself how you want to feel and imagine your best reality. Make this feel-good visualization a five-minute daily practice.

5) Savor the Good, Release the Bad

Much like pulling weeds in a garden, a positive mindset requires persistence. As humans, we tend to breeze through the good emotions and wallow in the bad. Start to notice where you spend your attention. Are you draining or recharging your emotional battery? Try this: Next time something good happens, give yourself the reward of actually feeling good. Bask in it. Share it. Milk it for all it’s worth. Then repeat tip #1.

Einstein said you can’t find the solution in the problem. The Law of Attraction says the thoughts we think today create our future. We each have the power to influence our state of happiness. I hope the techniques I’ve shared here will have a positive influence on your level of job satisfaction. If so, I’ve met my goal.

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