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Putting My Self Out There

In thirty years of working in the vast field of marketing and communications, I have put a helluva lot of messages out into the world. I have written, designed, art directed, posted, sent and blasted thousands of messages that have reached millions of people. Some I recall fondly, like a billboard I created for Realty Executives back (way, way back) when I was the art director for an outdoor advertising company, circa 1993--Next to the photo of their realtor yard sign were two words: “Start packing.” For a billboard, two-words is the sweet spot. From there I continued for decades, churning out my best attempts to make the perfect impression.

Linda Seebantz loves working from her home office to help people access their own heart intelligence.
After thirty years of creating messages for others, Linda Seebantz is now putting herself out there as an independent marketing consultant and Certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor.

With a gazillion ads, catalogs, brochures, websites, social media posts... you name it under my belt, I, myself have remained safely behind the scenes. Shielded by the advertiser, I play wizard behind the curtain. Today, I face the world as an entrepreneur, thanks to this wild idea to go after a dream. So now, it’s my turn to present myself, me, my self... and I have to admit, I’m looking for a shield to hide behind.

As it turns out, hiding in my shell is not an option as I have declared my meaning and purpose. I have something to give and some things to say. I have tapped into my heart intelligence and zeroed in on what is most important to me. Being connected to my dream is like a force of nature. I can’t keep it from coming out. I have to tell the world.

I launched True Story Communications in January because I am determined to help create better workplaces. My path to creating better workplaces is to create better leaders. And I do this by providing tools that help leaders connect to their 'why'. Through heart connected branding exercises, I offer a process of self-examination that unlocks the leader’s reason for doing what they do. Herein lie meaning and purpose, the birthplace of a brand promise, declaration of truth, a north star, a brand culture.

In March I completed my HeartMath Coach/Mentor Certification. I now have simple, scientifically-based tools to help access my heart’s intelligence--and I’m certified to share them with you so that you, dear reader, may access your own heart’s intelligence.

“Dare to connect with your heart. You will be lifting not only yourself and those you love and care about, but also the world in which you live.” -- Doc Childre, HeartMath Founder

For as long as I’ve been creating messages, the HeartMath Institute has been researching the heart. Their studies show us that the heart is much more than a blood pumping organ. The heart offers guidance through the maze of emotions and decisions that lead to our purpose and fulfillment.

So here I am, breaking down my internal barriers and putting my self out there. With my new blog, I am sharing my insights, ideas, thoughts, perspectives, and recommendations around heart-centered branding and the culture of work today.

I am so glad you’re here. You made it all the way through my first blog. I promise to keep it real, to be helpful, and to share from the heart. Welcome to My True Story.

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