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Something in the Air

6 Qualities Branding and the Electromagnetic Field have in Common...

Photo: Steven Arena via Pexels

It is a scientific fact that our hearts produce an electromagnetic field. Our bodies are made up of atoms, with a nucleus at the center that generates an electric charge. Our individual collection of atoms and molecules communicates as a frequency into the field of possibilities.

Have you ever been able to read the energy of a room? Or heard a song in your head just before it played on the radio? Or thought of your friend out of the blue and then the phone rings and there he is? Of course you have. We all have sensors that pick-up signals from, what feels like, out of nowhere. That field, the air between us that appears as nothing, it turns out that is where all the action is. And whether we know it or not, as the highly multi-sensory beings that we are, we’re sending out and picking up signals far beyond the detection of our five senses. There really is something in the air--protons, electrons, waves, and particles--that operates beyond what we know as time and space and we are all swimming in it, influencing it with our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and expectations.

This is all science--albeit, in lay terms, it is quantum physics. And while what follows may not be scientific, I’m going to say it anyway. I believe brands transmit a signal, too. Here is why, where, and how branding and the electromagnetic field merge:

1] Companies have energy just as people do.

As a consumer, we either do or don’t resonate with a brand’s vibrational frequency. When we do, it’s because their brand position is defined in a way that latches to a place in our mind where we elicit a positive emotional response. Feelings are the language of the heart and thoughts are the language of the brain. Yet, the heart’s electromagnetic field is 60 times greater than the electrical activity generated by the brain. We decide emotionally and justify logically. As Tom Petty said, “She’s gonna listen to her heart.” If you’re marketing a product or service, your target audience is the people who resonate with the emotional energy that is radiating from your brand’s electromagnetic field.

2] The founder’s DNA carries the charge.

The founder is the nucleus of the brand, the electric charge that ignited the entity. Henceforth, their DNA sets the tone, acts as a filter, and directs the energy. Through every action and inaction, your brand emits the founder’s level of passion, their intent, their courage, their belief in their dreams, and their impression of their own self-worth. Fear and desperation can be detected. Authenticity matters. When you’re connected to your heartfelt desire to make the world a better place, it shows. Your vulnerability becomes your strength. Others pick up the quality of that emotional wavelength and their perception is your brand. The meaning your electric charge represents in the mind of the consumer--that becomes your brand.

3] The quality of your signal matters.

Your brand’s potential relies on how it is being perceived. Which means your probability for success rests on how you articulate your purpose, value, and point of difference. Branding coalesces your leadership, personality, distinctiveness, authenticity, and goodwill into a single entity. And just like with an individual being, the energy of that entity--positive or negative--is vibrating its message into the field of possibilities. The quality of that vibration depends on the clarity of your purpose. Look at your messaging, your touchpoints, your workplace culture... and ask, could this be radiating the right signal?

4] Meaning and purpose stimulate the desire for change.

Defining your why and establishing your intentions is the roadmap to your success. An empowered leader takes a stand, has a clear message and is keen to make a positive impact on the world. Their staff is enthused, empowered and ready to move the mission forward because they believe in their leader. Why? Their leader has tapped into their own meaning and purpose. Getting to the heart of your brand is clarifying what matters and claiming your legacy. Meaning and purpose stimulates the field of possibilities, opening doors for change, growth, expansion, and fulfillment.

5] You operate the controls.

If your leadership team is focused on the same problem, year after year bemoaning the misery of an issue that will not budge, try a different tact. Instead of trying to think the solution into being, try feeling for it instead. Get out of your head and into your heart. We each have the ability to adjust the controls of our electromagnetic field by connecting to our heart intelligence. The field emanates from our heart. It speaks the language of emotion and connects our physical body systems. If your brand is feeling stuck, off-tone, mis-guided, or fragmented--you’ve got too much head and not enough heart. The keys to the control room are literally in your heart. Check in with it and listen to its wisdom.

6] There is a constant engagement of giving and receiving.

Your brand promise is your pledge: “If you interact with me, this is what you will get.” If the benefit is meaningful and the value fulfilled, a synergistic relationship is formed. There is a reciprocal benefit of giving and receiving from both parties. This engagement happens in the electromagnetic field, where a beautiful balance of desire and fulfillment, giving and gratitude resides. What you radiate comes back to you. Look for balance in what you are giving and receiving with the goal of achieving harmony. And never underestimate the influence goodwill can have on the bottom line.

The electromagnetic field and the laws of branding intertwine because each are fueled by a force of nature--that being our heart’s intelligence. Exploring the emotional landscape of the heart isn’t a warm-fuzzy-teddy-bear-ride. It’s a journey of courage, meaning, satisfaction, and pure empowerment. Stop running away from emotions. Instead, lean into the energetic field found in your heart and learn to master the controls.

If you’re interested in expanding your potential through heart-focused branding, I check out my four-week program: Power + Purpose: The Heart of Your Brand.

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