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"I am so grateful to have worked with Linda in the Power + Purpose ~ The Heart of Your Brand program! It reignited my passion, connected me to my why, helped me let go of the sticking points I've had to abundance and success, and set me up with clarity and excitement for what is coming. Linda is so intuitive; her guidance led me to connect with my deepest desires and helped me truly connect with my heart. I realized how much energy and time I was wasting on things that did not align with my strengths and vision for Mindful Wellness LLC and found myself easily and effortlessly starting to say no to those things and YES! to the great new opportunities that have been unfolding for me since I started working with her!  Anyone would be blessed to be guided and mentored by Linda Seebantz!"


"Linda Seebantz provided uniquely heart-centered, grounded support and the clarification of vision to realize my new health coaching website. She listened carefully to what I value, and to my personal aesthetic preferences in creating a site that is beautiful, and effective. Her follow through, attention to detail, client-centered approach, and passion for helping others bring their work meaningfully forward in the world has been a tremendous gift! Thank you, Linda and True Story!"

Linda Seebantz, Hearthmath Coach and Mentor, helped me transition from a 
job that no longer served me to creating a job specific to my professional work experience and met all my requirements for salary and benefits.  Linda introduced the Hearthmath tools to me of Quick Coherence, meditation, breathing that helped reduce anxiety and anger, replacing them with ease, confidence and an intuitive knowing that I had chosen my right path.  Linda's calm, loving presence assured me that our work together would result in success, and success it was!


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