To offer a process for purpose-driven leaders
to clarify their mission, stand grounded in their purpose,
resonate with their audience, 
and find
deep satisfaction in their work.


I was loosely guided into the field of communications right after high-school when I stepped into the world of printing, graphics and design. It’s a world with a deep history, rich with stories of discovery and passionate commitments to beauty. I fell in love with typography, even designed my own font, printed with letterhead presses, loved the smell of fixer in the darkroom and acquired a foundation of knowledge about the printing, publishing and graphics industry that drives my aesthetic to this day.


For over 30 years I’ve been honing my skills. First as a graphic designer, then after earning a bachelor's in communications, as a professional communicator. My natural business acumen was nourished on the account side in ad agencies, media sales, and on the client side in large and small business--both B2B and consumer, profit and nonprofit. I’ve worked on all shapes and sizes of business, but always in design, marketing, branding, advertising, and communications.


While acquiring my 35+ years of experience I was also on a personal mission, passionately pursuing the next best version of myself. I studied the masters of self-development in order to attain goal upon goal--personal, professional, physical and emotional. I rely on the tools of Heartmath and a daily practice of time in nature, yoga, breathwork, and meditation.


Through this work, I learned that by accessing my heart’s wisdom, I find my inspiration. 


“She’s gonna listen to her heart.

It’s gonna tell her what to do…” -- Tom Petty


This nugget of common knowledge says it all. It turns out, Tom Petty was right. The heart actually is running the show. Studies show the heart sends more information to the brain than vice-versa. While facts and logic may persuade the brain, it is the heart that is the final ruler.


I have come to accept:


  • That if my heart isn’t in the game, no matter how hard I push my brain to get the rest of the engine running, I have no fuel.

  • I can’t think myself into doing great work, I have to feel my way in.

  • By adopting a heart connected mindset, I have access to a channel of inspiration that propels me to do great work and live an impassioned journey.


And I want to help you do the same.


For over three decades I’ve witnessed leaders struggling to create cultures that are aligned with their mission. Organizations that lack inspiration, or the ability to execute it, are bogged down by high turnover, low morale, and lackluster performance. Scores of remarkable individuals bury their talent in mediocre jobs because meaning and purpose are missing. Their hearts aren’t in the game and apathetic employees make unremarkable brands.


An empowered leader takes a stand, has a clear message and is keen to make a positive impact on the world. Their staff is enthused, empowered and ready to move the mission forward because they believe in their leader. Why? Their leader has tapped into their heart's intelligence.


The world I want to live in is one based on heart/mind intelligence--where leaders and workers find deep satisfaction, and brand performance is electrified. This is where I find meaning and purpose. This is why my passion is helping you.


“The heart has access to information outside the boundaries of time and space.

It’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

-- Rollin McCraty Ph.d, Founder-HeartMath Institute


I am aligned with my deep desire to help leaders harness their own higher purpose as the connection between brand and business.


My work weaves the science of heart/brain coherence with my professional expertise to offer a powerful brand creation process that delivers results infused with meaning and purpose.


I help you:

  • Unleash your potential and possibilities by opening to new mindsets

  • Remove resistance and align your brand vision with your deeper sense of purpose

  • Define and declare your why 

  • Generate momentum for long-term impact


I myself worked to overcome limiting beliefs, expand my thinking, tune into my heart and give power to its intelligence. From doing this work, I created a heart-centered approach to brand development.


Through a step-by-step process, I assist you in reaching a higher level of satisfaction by connecting with your true purpose. Our goal is specific. Find your true story and build your brand on a foundation that is meaningful, impactful and ensures your legacy.


Together we can change the world, one brand at a time.


Linda Seebantz  |  Founder-True Story Communications


Give the heart time to process what the brain takes in. Dedicate time to nature, rituals and intentional sabbath. Practice sustainability and balance with our natural environment. Tune into the cycles of the earth and stars. Daily moments of silence and meditation.

My time with nature fuels my ability to have a positive impact.



Heart-to-heart resonance between leaders and their staff, organizations and their and communities, myself and our clients. Our hearts run the show. Our emotions are our guidance system. Happiness is an inside job.

I am a storyteller. I tell stories that aim for the heart and enrich lives.



Create beauty. Inventive, resourceful, with purpose. Inspired by source. Working in-spirit. Visual connection.

I am a conduit for manifesting creative solutions.



I love results! When we do the work to find our truth, we are tapping into the Universal force. Thought spurs ideas and action. Momentum ensues. Gratitude for the gifts bestowed. Generosity.

I give myself permission to tap into the Universal Force of Abundance.