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About Linda

Seasoned creative. Strategic thinker.
Pioneer in heart-focused communications.


Linda Seebantz, Your Brand Partner

Linda is a branding expert with thirty years of experience in developing creative, dynamic, results-oriented marketing/communications programs. With degrees in commercial art and communications coupled with her natural business acumen, she specializes in helping purpose-driven leaders define their why and bring clarity to their message. As the founder of True Story Communications, Linda integrates heart intelligence into her client’s brands and workplace cultures. A HeartMath Coach/Mentor, she offers tangible tools to access inner wisdom, intuition, and inspiration as fuel for a long, successful brand journey. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisc., Linda moved to New Mexico in 2001 and remains thoroughly enchanted with her husband and dogs in a rural community north of Santa Fe.

Meet The Team


Lily Sachs, Digital Storyteller

Meet Lily, a multi-talented solopreneur with diverse skills, including digital marketing, photography, graphic design, and FAA-certified drone piloting. Possessing a keen eye for detail and a passion for authenticity, her work primarily focuses on capturing real-life moments and creating visually stunning content that aligns with brand identity and resonates with client audiences. A North Carolina local, but found her home in Colorado in 2021. She thrives on Type 2 fun, i.e. skiing, backpacking, and rafting until she can't anymore. So, when she's not immersed in projects, she enjoys heading out to the mountains or desert with her camera in hand. With a unique blend of creativity, technical skill, and an adventurous spirit, Lily is a formidable presence in the realm of digital marketing


Kenna Johnson, Digital Marketing Geek

Meet Kenna, a digital marketing enthusiast who is on the millennial and Gen Z Cusp (making her sense of humor quite weird). Armed with a Marketing degree from the University of Wyoming, Kenna honed her skills in WordPress, social media, digital strategy, automations, and SEO since graduating in 2017. Crafting engaging websites and optimizing content for search engines is not just a job for her; it's a passion. Beyond the pixels and algorithms, she's an avid traveler, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures, and a poet at heart, finding solace and expression in words. Meditation is her daily anchor, fostering mindfulness that not only benefits the creative process but also keeps her grounded.

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