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True Story Communications

Experts in communication, we help you breathe energy into your brand through messaging that speaks from your heart – your authentic voice.

It's your story.

We bring it to life.




Your success rests on how well you articulate your purpose, value and point of difference.

Your brand is a long-term construct that requires a methodical approach. We'll work to align the head and the heart to define your promise and lean into the place your audience wants to be. Managing a brand requires consistency and tact. Your brand story is the map for your brand, offering inspiration for a long, rewarding journey. 


What began as a logo and website update led me to Linda, after two years of other frustrating attempts. I am astounded by the breadth of her unique methods using Heart Math and Power + Purpose. She has shed light on why my search was non-eventful, illuminating aspects of myself and what I want in a brand plus so much more!

Joan Duncan, Creatrix

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